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Hello, welcome to my blog!

I am a journalist, author, editor, and producer based in Mexico City. Since June 2013, I am editor of Vice Mexico magazine, and I write for Vice in Spanish and English. I make journalism on radio, video, print, and Web formats.

Previously, I worked in the Mexico City bureau of the Los Angeles Times (2010 to 2013), where I wrote for the World Now news-blog and also for the print edition in news and arts.

Before that, I was a reporter in L.A. for the Los Angeles Times (2002 to 2006) and at LA Weekly (2006 to 2007). In Southern California, I've covered just about everything: court cases, homicides, political campaigns, immigrant life, artists and the art scene, graffiti, food, and lots of culture and different aspects of the underground.

In Mexico, I've reported on the drug war in Monterrey, the film festival in Morelia, and on life and culture in tucked-away towns and beach communities in places like Guerrero, Oaxaca, and Yucatan.

I've covered two presidential elections here and done reporting on topics ranging from the government's misuse of death-toll counts in Mexico's drug war to the finest of street tacos on Mexico City's fanciest streets. In 2010, I helped cover the earthquake in Chile from the capital of Santiago.

I am author of a non-fiction book, "Down & Delirious in Mexico City" (Scribner 2011). In December 2011, the Spanish-language translation was published by Editorial Océano in Mexico, as "El bajón y el delirio."

Among my other writing homes are Gatopardo magazine in Mexico, Art in America magazine, and "Latino USA" and "All Things Considered" on National Public Radio. Also in Mexico, I've collaborated on projects with kurimanzutto gallery, the Postopolis project, and Domus Mexico magazine, where I serve on the editorial board.

I was born in 1980 in San Diego and studied English literature on a Regents' & Chancellor's scholarship at the University of California, Berkeley. There, I served one year as editor-in-chief and president of The Daily Californian, an incredible experience. Among my siblings are a podiatrist, a nurse, a school counselor, and a tattoo and graffiti artist.

Both my parents are from Tijuana and live in San Diego. I am a dual citizen of Mexico and the United States.


I'm interested in the fusion and mixing of all cultures, nations, and borders. As a storyteller my building blocks were shaped while growing up bilingual and bicultural on the U.S.-Mexico border, in multiethnic barrios. I'm excited by all forms of cultural production, by the intersections that exist between art, society, the sublime, and the streets.