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Daniel Michael Hernandez is a Mexican American journalist and author with nearly 20 years of experience working successfully in all areas of the modern media industry. He is currently a reporter for the Styles section of The New York Times.

Daniel's career includes stints as a reporter at a major newspaper (L.A. Times) and alternative weekly (LA Weekly), editor of a monthly print magazine (VICE México), a contributor and host for radio (All Things Considered, The World, KCRW Morning Edition, The Frame), and as a correspondent and producer for television and documentary films (VICE News). Daniel founded one of the earliest general-interest news and culture blogs in Los Angeles, Intersections (2006), and is also author of a non-fiction book based on fieldwork in Mexico, "Down and Delirious in Mexico City" (Scribner, 2011).

A California native, Daniel's work has been seen on premium media platforms including Netflix ("The Day I Met El Chapo"), HBO ("VICE News Tonight on HBO"), VICELAND ("The Munchies Guide to Oaxaca"), and Fusion/ABC ("Tacos de Guisado in Polanco").

For his journalism, commentary, and documentary work, Daniel is recipient of numerous awards and honors. He's lectured at dozens of colleges and universities in the United States and Mexico.

Hernandez served as editor of LA Taco between December 2017 and July 2019, where he also hosted the LA Taco Podcast.

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